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Fenix, a high-end line of multisport watches by Garmin has been in demand in recent years. The watches are innovative and unique and get new updates every year; 2017’s update is no exception. This year the Fenix line is set to receive upgraded models for those with smaller wrists.

This week at Las Vegas, a new line of Fenix 5 fitness watches were launched that have been redesigned for smaller wrists. The innovative line includes Fenix 5, 5S, and 5X that are more compact, fit, stylish, slimmer and suitable for people and women with smaller wrists.

The Fenix 5 range is a first special creation by Garmin for females to fit their wrist size. The watches include Global positioning system (GPS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) that measure speed, distance, pace and other units while you are running or biking or performing any fitness activity.

Source: Garmin

The new Fenix line is an all-time fitness watch that schedules your workout time and assists you to be punctual. Other revelations include features such as optical heart rate sensor and fitness ratings (how many calories burnt, hours of sleep, active minutes and step counter). It is a high quality compatible watch that gives notifications on both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Known for its long battery life and durability, the Fenix line has a robust and rugged design that attracts people. It is a waterproof smartwatch that can function down to 100m meters and also includes three axis compass, barometric altimeter, and gyroscope. With featured durable steel bezel, these are the first Garmin watches to include a QuickFit release system allowing to swiftly swap out watch bands without any use of special tool.  All the three models have an effective and long battery life; hence they last up to a week with normal usage.

Source: Garmin

Fenix 5S

A smaller version especially designed for women and generally those with smaller wrists. The high performance watch measures 42mm in diameter having a smooth and sophisticated finish in design. The Fenix 5S is available in different colors, either in white, black, and turquoise silicon band.

Fenix 5

This is slightly bigger in design measures 47 mm in diameter which can last up to a week with normal usage of an active GPS signal and heart rate tracking.  It is an improved version of previous year’s model in terms of battery life, design and features.

Fenix 5x

With a 51 mm diameter design, the Fenix 5X sports topographic US maps, turn-by-turn navigation with routable cycling maps, and a feature called Around Me which users can use to pick up waypoints and other places of interest around them.

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