Motorcycle Tech in 2022

Looking to enhance your motorcycle riding experience in 2022? Here are the 10 motorcycles tech for riders to consider. From GPS systems to audio and video enhancements, these tools can make your ride more enjoyable and informative.

1. Bluetooth Helmet:

Bluetooth technology is becoming more and more popular on motorcycles, with a lot of riders opting for standalone Bluetooth systems like the Cardo or AGV helmets. There are also a number of motorcycle-specific Bluetooth systems on the market, the most popular brands are Sena, Cardo Systems, etc. One advantage of standalone Bluetooth systems is that they can be used with any helmet, no matter the brand. This means that riders can select a system that fits their budget and their style.

Some motorcycle manufacturers even offer special deals on standalone Bluetooth systems if you buy a helmet from them, like Shoei, Scorpion, and Bilt. Another great benefit of Bluetooth systems is that they are compatible with most smartphones. This means that you can use your smartphone to control music, navigation, lighting, and other bike features without having to take your hands off the handlebars.

2. Heads-Up Display:

A heads-up display (HUD) for motorcycle riders can provide important information such as speed, distance traveled, and current location on the map while keeping your eyes focused on the road. Bluetooth technology makes this capability easy to use, and an optional camera attached to the mirror provides a clear view of the surroundings. This type of display is becoming increasingly popular because it provides riders with critical information without taking their eyes off the road.

There are a few of these devices on the market, but most of them have a pretty high price tag. The recent addition to this list is the DVison Heads-up Display. It seems to mount like the CamBox Camera right behind the helmet’s visor. As for compatibility, DVision’s heads-up display can fit a variety of helmets. It makes use of a clip that mounts onto the inside of your helmet’s shell and can be used on everything from full-face helmets, modular helmets, and even jet helmets. The current kicker is that is not yet available in the United States, you can however purchase and have it shipped to Germany and surrounding countries. you can learn more about DVison at

UPDATE: TILSBERK has informed our staff that they are hoping to be able to ship out the DVison Heads-Up Display to US customers in 2023.  Once we get a hold of one we will do a Review.

3. Motorcycle Cameras:

Camera technology is always evolving and advancing, which is why motorcycle riders need to keep up with the latest trends. One of the latest camera technologies to hit the market is helmet cameras. Helmet cameras can be a great way to capture footage of your ride and share it with friends or family. Sena has several helmet camera models that are compatible with GoPro cameras, such as the 10C/10C Pro and the new 50C with Premium SOUND BY Harman Kardon.

These models offer great quality footage and are especially useful for drifting and racing. Cambox is another popular option for helmet cameras. Cambox offers excellent quality footage at an affordable price, making it a great choice for riders who want to capture footage of their ride but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Bell Helmets just recently released a Built-in helmet with a camera at the top to provide much-needed footage for motorcyclists in case of an accident.

4. GPS Trackers:

A GPS tracker is a helpful tool for motorcyclists. GPS Trackers can provide peace of mind while riding and when your bike is parked. . There are a few different types of trackers available, so it is important to find the one that is right for you. There is a handful on the market that are the most popular like the SPOT Me LTE GPS tracker. The SPOT ME acts like a beacon that marks your location every time it’s in motion and when it stops. You can view history in the Android/iOS app or on the web on their website. Another option is the RLink tracker which is actually plugged into your motorcycle’s electrical system and can track ignitions, tilts, and movement.

You can also export your rides into the Rever ride tracking app (RLink comes with a year free of Rever Pro). The new player in this field is the MoniMoto, touted as “The Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker”. It allows you to track your bike’s whereabouts and monitor your ride stats in real-time, even when you are not riding. The Morimoto also has a built-in phone alarm that will notify you if your bike goes out of range or gets stolen!

5. Heated Grips:

The cold winter weather can be a real challenge when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Many riders turn to heated grips to help them stay comfortable and safe on their rides. Here are some of the best-heated grips for motorcycle riding in the winter:

  • Kawasaki has been making motorcycles for over 50 years and they know a thing or two about keeping riders warm. Their Heated Hand Grips come with three heat settings and are available in both right and left-hand versions. The grip is also waterproof and windproof so you can rely on it in any weather condition.
  • BMW also makes excellent motorcycles, and they understand how important it is to keep riders comfortable in the cold weather. Their Rocker Warmers are perfect for motorcyclists who ride in colder climates, as they come with three heat settings as well as an auto shut-off feature.

If your bike did not already come with heated grips you can find many Universal Heated Grip for Motorcycles out there. No matter what type or size of motorcycle you ride, an Oxford Heated Grips makes riding in cold weather much more comfortable. These grips are made from durable, heat-resistant materials, and have a built-in thermostat that maintains a constant, comfortable temperature. The Oxfords come in both left and right-hand versions, so you can choose which grip is best suited for your dominant hand.

6. Tire Pressure Monitoring System:

Looking to save on tire maintenance costs? Consider purchasing a motorcycle tire pressure monitoring system. TPMS systems alert riders when their tires are dangerously low on air, saving them money and time in the future. FOBO is one such company that offers motorcycle TPMS systems but harnesses Bluetooth. FOBO has come up with a Bluetooth motorcycle tire pressure monitoring system that has a Smart processing function that works for every rider.

You have found the right tool to check your tires through your phone! The TPMS has a view of on-demand tire pressure and temperature that displays quickly. This indicates the level of pressure and temperature. With the quick monitoring process, the miniature equipment monitors 24/7 to check the condition of your tires. You can check your tires at different times, thanks to the frequent update. There are a few cons with this product though, though research on the interwebs, it looks like the product is not fully waterproof, so if you forget they are on it might be a costly mistake, as they retail around a hundred dollars on amazon.

7. Ride Saftey System

A ride-sharing company is using a 360-degree artificial intelligence (AI) system to help drivers avoid blind spots and stay alert to potential distractions. The Ride Vision 360-Degree AI System was developed by a startup called Blindspot. The system uses sensors in the cars and on the roads to create a 3D map of the area around them. It then uses that information to provide drivers with warnings about potential dangers ahead, including people or objects in their blind spot. Ride Vision 360-Degree AI System is currently being used by the company GoGet, which operates a ride-sharing service in Sydney, Australia.

Everything is hard-wired to your bike’s battery, so no worries about having to take another device inside with you to charge. Ride Vision claims the power draw is less than if you were charging your phone, which is always a plus. The company has been working on this tech for the past few years, and just raised $7 million in additional venture capital to help it launch its first product in early 2021. The initial launch will see Ride Vision units sold in Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, and the U.K. Other countries should follow at later dates, including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, and the U.S. Exact dates for any launches have yet to be announced.

8. LED Lighting:

The popularity of LED motorcycle lighting continues to grow as riders opt for brighter and more efficient headlights and taillights. Lights that use LEDs are more expensive than traditional lights, but the benefits of using them far outweigh the cost. XKGlow is a leading supplier of LED motorcycle and ATV lighting. they offer a wide range of lighting options, from simple on/off switches to Bluetooth-controlled LED kits.

Then if you want to Tron up your look, enter LightMode LED Kits! These smart and colorful light kits are perfect for any helmet. They can be controlled with your Android/iOS phone using their app, providing you with the flexibility to change your ride’s look anytime, anywhere. And don’t forget about their safety benefits—with these LED kits, you’ll be able to see better in low light conditions and stay safe on the road.

9. Airbags

What is the best way to protect yourself while riding a motorcycle? The answer, of course, is by wearing full gear. However, not all riders feel fully safe in gear. For those who feel like they need the next level of protection, there are other ways to protect themselves. One option is to wear clothing that includes airbags. CX Air Dynamics just debuted a new airbag pant in 2021, These pants are made of heavy-duty material and are designed to protect you in the event of a crash. The pants also feature a built-in motorbike safety system that will help protect you in the event of an accident. With these pants, you can be sure that you are safe and protected while riding your motorcycle. .

Other products route there include jackets, suits, and vests designed to protect riders from accidents. Alpinestars also produces airbag apparel. Their jackets and suits are specifically designed for motorcyclists and feature ABS plastic shields that protect riders from injuries in the event of an accident. Dainese also makes airbag clothing for motorcyclists. Their products include jackets and suits made of durable materials that can withstand multiple crashes. Klim also produces motorcycle airbag apparel in the form of a vest, but in recent media, had issues with its subscription service following the fire in a french data center, leaving current owners to wonder why a product that is supposed to be always ready to save you could be remotely disabled at the will of the company or a datacenter failure.

10. Adaptive Cruise Control

Now, this is not normal tech you can just buy for any bike, but it’s making a splash on new bikes that are coming out. Adaptive cruise control (ACC) for motorcycles has come a long way since its introduction in 2005 on the BMW S1000RR. Now available on many models from different brands, DCC offers riders increased safety and comfort by maintaining a preset speed, even in situations where the rider may feel nervous or unsure about the road ahead. BMW’s DCC system uses an ultrasonic sensor to keep track of the motorcycle’s surroundings. If the motorcycle starts to drift out of its lane, the system will apply braking until it is back within its lane and then resume cruising at the set speed. Ducati’s Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) is similar to BMW’s and utilizes a camera to monitor traffic around the bike. The Bavarian and Italian ACC systems use radar to help control the speed of the motorcycle. This means that they can tell how fast other cars are going, and then adjust the speed of their motorcycle accordingly. This helps keep the motorcycle from going too fast or too slow and makes it easier to stay in lane.

What are your thoughts, did we miss a product or new tech that’s out there, leave a comment below, and let us know!

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