NVIDIA Unveils Its New Graphic Card – The Monstrous Titan Xp Along With Mac Updates

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Recently, NVIDIA released its new graphics card, named the NVIDIA Titan Xp. The previous version Titan X was launched last year and this year they have promised to deliver a higher performance and powerful graphics rendering features to its users. The price tag remains the same as $1200. As per the information from the official blog of NVIDIA, this Titan Xp would give a boost of performance to the MAC users. It has been declared that this addition Pascal-powered GPU unit can be a great enhancement to the MAC Pro desktops. To compete with other rivals such as Windows, NVIDIA Titan Xp can be a great option for MAC.


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The specifications declare the Titan Xp to be more user friendly with 12 GB of GDDDR5X memory processing which can run at 11.4 gigabits per second. It is truly perfect news for all you gamers. To spend $1200 on a graphics card is a tough decision and it needs strong reasons to justify the purchase when other options are available at $699. Though, it was very strange about NVIDIA to launch its new graphics card Titan Xp so close in February to the launch of GTX 1080 Ti.


It offers the same features as the Quadro P6000, same Pascal GPU, though the memory of Titan Xp is more than Quadro P6000. The market was hit by the GTX 1080 Ti offering the same features and performance of Titan X available at a mere $699. To maintain its brand and demand, it needed a product to create its niche market which the new Titan Xp certainly hopes to deliver. The move has been made to keep the brand name popular among the users offering the best graphics capabilities.


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Another announcement by NVIDIA was that its team would be working on the beta MAC drivers to test the 10 series cards that would fill up the shortcomings of MAC pro. It is anticipated that to built great compatibility with the new MAC systems, they can release a new driver set up that would further enhance the performance.


The compatibility services would be only applicable to the old MAC Pro users and all the new notebooks require more peripherals and accessories along with a complicated process.


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