Review: Enhance Your TV Sound With The Incredible Sonos PlayBase

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Most people may find their built-in TV speakers just enough to do the job, while others pursue a better sounding speaker to enhance their TV viewing experience. If you’re one of those people, then the Sonos PlayBase is surely for you.


Design & Features


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Sonos PlayBase can make your TV sound wonderful and outstanding. 2.3 inches tall and made of plastic, the PlayBase has been manufactured in a manner that it slips beneath the TV. Even if your TV has legs, it can easily be placed under the screen. The audio sounds perfect and clean, especially when you are watching certain action scenes. If you want a surround sound experience, you need to buy Sonos speakers (additional). To add an additional sound bar to your TV, Sonos PlayBase is a great option if it fits in your budget.


It has a large sound base that can be placed under most TV’s of today, any which is less than 75 pounds. The base has enough space that fits a wide range of amplifiers that are six midrange speakers, a woofer and three tweeters. All these parts are hidden behind the beautifully designed front face of the PlayBase. The traditional sound bar introduced by Sonos was called as the Playbar that has nine sources of sound; the new PlayBase adds extra space for a full sized woofer facing down in the base.


Add-ons & Quality of Sound


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Firstly, you can download the Sonos app from iTunes and Playstore, open the app, plug the PlayBase and follow the instructions to get started. With the app, you can control certain functions such as alter the treble and the bass. The design of the PlayBase is very durable, sturdy, and solid. Even the PlayBase works effectively with Wi-Fi music. It has an Ethernet port and also includes a cable. Anyone who owns an iPhone can enhance the sound by using the feature of “Trueplay”, however Trueplay does not work on Android.


The sound is from the PlayBase is found to be extremely mesmerizing and dynamic. Your living room gets filled with thumping sound whether you listen to songs or watch pulse-racing action sequences. Though the pitch of the Sonos is quite hard it works flawlessly and turns your living room into a theatre. The product is especially for those consumers who do not have mounted TVs. The price of the sound bar is $699 which may deter off casual home theatre seekers and positions itself as a high-end product meant for only the serious audiophiles.


The Hiccups


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The PlayBase has certain limitations. There are no microphones provided with PlayBase, so all you Karaoke fans will be disappointed. The other inherent flaw in the speakers is that it does not support DTS surround sound. The CEO of the company has surely admitted that they have been quite slow in innovating new features in the PlayBase. There is no HDMI connectivity which could deter Blu-ray audiophiles. Such flaws create certain limitations in the future for PlayBase.


Nevertheless the Sonos PlayBase is good for those people who are unhappy with their default TV speakers and can get something that exactly fits the system.


Easy to set up, appealing and solid design makes the PlayBase worth a buy to enhance the sound of the TVs with low quality speakers. To say if PlayBase is a worthy audio companion of your living room depends on your choices and the features you choose to let go. But otherwise it can truly provide a real “theatre” feeling with excellent sound.

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