Twitch Allowing Steamers to Make More Money with Affiliate Program



Online game-streaming platform Twitch has introduced its affiliate program that allows non partnered streamers to make more money and improve their popularity among users to be partnered. With an intention to grow a larger community of the smaller streamers such an affiliate program has been initiated. A Twitch partner gets a lot of benefits. A twitch partner gets access to tools, emotes, and various other benefits to grow his or her community.


So, this affiliate program is meant to benefit the small streamers with its Cheering with Bits tool. It was launched in 2016 and is based on virtual currency called “bits”, and has a value of $1.40 per 100 bits. The currency is available in 5 denominations such as 1, 100, 1000, 5000 and 10,000.




It is an invite-only program and is not for everyone. Subscribers who have broadcasted up to 500 minutes in the last month are eligible. Other eligibility criteria include at least 50 followers, at least 7 unique steaming days, an average of three concurrent viewers.  With new ways and ideas, Twitch has got a greater idea to increase its active community. This would motivate the creators to add more content for the users and increase engagement per user base. Greater engagement would increase the average revenue per user (ARPU).


Online videos have become a strategic tool for marketers to promote their products and capture consumer attention. Live streaming is way to connect to the audience real-time over the Internet. Subsequently, affiliates would get more subscriptions, access to run ads, and get one subscriber emote to award its subscriber. For this, Twitch will use its discretion to choose the affiliate for going further.


Source: GameSync Gaming Center

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Twitch is majorly dominated by video game players, but also aspiring musicians, chefs and artists. The expectations are to attract at least 10,000 streamers into this affiliate program. Certain new features would be added into the program to make it more attractive for users as well as streamers. It is an idea to create a system that the viewers would pay the reward to the streamers according to the performance.


Twitch’s main rival YouTube has just revised its polices to pay only to those who attract more than 10,000 views and another event happened related to the hate videos or racist videos that have made advertising appear less on YouTube. Twitch has come up with new features after such incidents to grow its community with safe money making methods.

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