Pokémon Go Update – Trading and PVP Battles Soon to be Unleashed

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Just as we are done celebrating Valentine’s Day, Niantic, the developers of the hit-game are busy bringing out a major update to Pokémon Go. The game developers have always maintained an element of surprise for the game lovers to keep the game feeling fresh and unique. So just as fans just can’t seem to have enough of their favorite mobile Augmented Reality game, Niantic spills the beans on their planned update. Waypoint reported that Niantic’s CEO John Hanke had revealed some snippets of the new updates in the game as the future of “Pokémon Go”.


What’s going to be new in Pokémon Go?


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Due to earlier bug issues and server issues, Pokémon Go went down the charts but Niantic managed to arouse interest in the game lovers with the introduction of certain holiday promotions and Valentine theme. But the fans were eagerly waiting for the two biggest features: Player vs. Player battle and Pokémon trading.

Though in an interview with Waypoint, John Hanke had confirmed the launch of these two new features very soon and admitted that the two features creative trading and PVP battles would have been launched earlier, if there were no bug issues. He added that the servers continued to be a problem, as everyone tried to chase Pokémon which stalled the launch of new features for the time.

Gym Battling System

Naintic’s John Hanke also hinted that they have plans to improve the mechanism of the gym battling system. He commented this feature as “rudimentary” and promised that the features would get a great makeover soon.

Somehow, game developers have tried to manage the wave of hysteria with the introduction of new elements. Though, they were caught unprepared, he said,” It’s going to be done soon”. It is true that Pokémon Go got great admiration from game lovers all over the globe; and it’s a fact that certain features took a bit longer to be updated.

Live Events


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John also confirmed that they have great plans to host real-world live events that would have to do something related to the game. It means that players would be able to catch rare Pokémon such as the three legendary birds and Mewtwo.

Recently, Pokémon Go released plenty of monsters for the game lovers to enjoy playing. Next week, Pokémon Go would shoot up to the charts with the upcoming Gen 2. The PVP battle option would definitely add great value to the game and would be a remarkable feature adding more excitement to the game. It is surely an evolutionary feature for the rise of the game.



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