Razer Stargazer Review – The Depth-sensing HD Webcam with Intel RealSense Technology

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Streaming games have been always popular. Gamers are often forced to use green screens to avoid the vision of the living room behind to place their performance in action. However, green screen arrangement is a costly affair; hence, Razer Stargazer is touted to be the best solution for gamers. It is an external webcam with Intel RealSense 3D camera. If you are thinking of streaming games on YouTube or Twitch live, you can name Razer Stargazer as the only choice.

Razer Stargazer Design

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It is bulkier and more attractive than a standard web camera. It is a black large tube with a size of 5.1 inches and 1 inch thick, having three large sensors placed at the front. A color sensor, an infrared sensor, and an infrared laser projector are positioned and raised at the sides of the microphones to help you to adjust the camera angle.

The cable is 8.2 feet long providing maximum room to connect the camera to the gaming desktop or gaming laptop. The braided micro USB is removable and can be changed if broken. Razer’s Stargazer offers straight competition to Logitech’s webcam for its great hinged design; though it would stay in place if you don’t touch it, but you may want to use a tripod to keep it intact.

Intel RealSense Technology

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The Stargazer supports Intel’s RealSense Technology for effective depth perception and dynamic background removal. It basically means that it uses various 3D sensing technologies to get depth perception, gesture control, interior mapping, 3D imaging and interior tracking. It offers great creativity, flexibility and freedom to game steamers.

The technology responds to facial expressions and hand gestures allowing you to interact more naturally. Effective background removal is another capability of Razer’s utilization of Intel RealSense Technology which enables no need of a green screen. The Stargazer would perform facial recognition with the biometric ability of Windows Hello. The limitation is that it can be used only with Windows 10 and sixth generation or later Intel core CPUs. Hence, if you are using Windows 7 or 8, or an earlier version of CPU, you are out of the race. Stargazer has brought Intel RealSense Technology to the masses on YouTube and Twitch.

The powerful difference between Razer’s Stargazer and Logitech’s C922 is that Razer has the RealSense Depth perception camera that helps to locate an object by recognizing its distance whereas Logitech removes the background by its “Intelligent Sharp Recognition”  created by Personify. It can be concluded from the tests that RealSense works better in this aspect. With different light setups, Stargazer with RealSense identifies the object quickly without fail. It effectively reacts to sudden changes and removes backgrounds excellently.

Picture and Sound Quality

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It captures quality photos and videos with great sound. Capturing video at 720p at 60fps is perfect for streaming on YouTube and Twitch. With strong color accuracy, you would absolutely be clear on your Skype calls and not the sharpest one on Twitch. Hence, in terms of picture quality in low light settings, Stargazer cannot compete with the C922. Stargazer has good microphones, and is the best at eliminating the ambient noise.

Software Settings

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Stargazer does not involve too much of software. The only aspect of requirement is Razer Synapse– it is the program to be installed to configure laptops and peripherals. If you already own a Razer mouse or keyboard, it will be smooth.

The Razer Stargazer couldn’t fulfill all our expectations. It is retailing for $150 on Amazon; and for that you get a very good way of removing the natural backgrounds, but with average picture quality and good noise cancellation. But where it fails is in respect to producing crisp visuals which its competitor, the C922 does. Ultimately, if you do not want to fiddle around with a green screen, then go ahead and get the Stargazer.

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